Trading and investing is a speculative activity entailing varying degrees of risk. The opinions and analysis Precision Trading Labs (PTL) provide are not financial advice. PTL is not a financial advisor, planner or fiduciary. All information, analysis and trade scenarios are presented as education to explain::

• specific techniques you can apply to your personal trading and/or investment activities

• sample trade scenarios without any explicit or implicit guarantees of suitability or profitability.

You need to determine if any technique or scenario we describe is right for your personal circumstances. If you choose to execute any trade or enter/exit any position based on information you receive from us, you do so at your own risk, as do we. This, of course, is the nature of trading and investing. In considering and using our information, you must employ proper risk management with trades, positions and your overall financial situation. Only trade with “risk capital” solely and specifically allocated for that purpose.

All outlooks and analysis conveyed by PTL through any means, for any financial instruments, including their price action, expected future behavior, underlying technical, fundamental information, and associated trade scenarios are based on our opinions. Other parties may draw different conclusions and decide on different actions for the same instrument with the same information. That, again, is the nature of trading and investing.

All communications concerning information we convey is done on an “as convenient” basis by PTL, except where there is an explicit, prior agreement on timeliness and response time. All information presented by PTL is on a best-efforts basis. There is no explicit or implicit warranty of accuracy, timeliness, completeness or fitness for your personal situation. In no event is PTL responsible for any trading losses.