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We trade for a living with a simple price action Strategy. 

No magic indicators, no charts with numerous trend lines and crisscrossing moving averages (“spaghetti charts”). 

We trade in the real world, hit singles and doubles for regular income, and yes, take small losses when a trade set-up isn't profitable. We look for prior trading zones meeting defined concrete criteria.

When you follow this method, a high percentage of the time it behaves in a predictable manner, the basis of our trade-setups. 

These criteria are based on an understanding and years of observation of institutional and big-block trading behavior. 

This led to identifying simple, key characteristics of these zones. 

Four simple chart patterns are the basis of ALL our trades, two to go long, two to go short. Naturally, the two longs are mirror images of the shorts, so there are really only two patterns to learn. 

                                       "While variety is the spice of life, it shouldn't be in trading."

You want a methodology with minimum moving parts that is:

  • simple

  • concise

  • intuitive

  • learnable with reasonable effort in a reasonable time

  • applicable for all instruments under all circumstances and with all trading styles.


That's how we trade at Precision Trading Labs.

One of us here day- and swing-trades stocks, as well as equity options; the other day-trades futures and swing-trades forex. All off the same core methodology! All our set-ups look alike.

They're all simple and clean. No spaghetti charts with multiple sections loaded down with indicators and oscillators. 

No proprietary calculations. When you learn the four patterns and how to use them, you'll see them in your sleep, they'll become second nature and you'll know exactly what to look for in every chart and when!

Do you honestly think if the key to trading was a proprietary indicator, calculation or “black box” someone would blithely sell it to you for a few hundred dollars?

We trade always knowing what the trend is in context of our trades. If you've ever paddled or rowed, would you rather do it with or against the current? Regardless of what you're trading you'll always understand the trading environment so your profit targets and trade-risk are appropriate for the circumstances..

Again, this is simple and intuitive –! 

Most importantly, all our set-ups are qualified with precise entries, stops and targets. Once you get a handle on how things work and gain confidence, no matter what your trading style is you'll have a plan. 

You'll approach your trading with a sense of calm and confidence. 

We'll teach you our methodology and help you apply it to the trading style that's right for your life situation and account size. 

Go Here and schedule a zoom call with us so we can customize a solution that's right for you: https://calendly.com/ptl-30min-call-/17min-call

Our methodology and our services furnish you with “before-the-fact” analysis. Every situation shows you exactly how to lay out the trade with respect to your entry, stop and target(s). In fact, once you learn the methodology, what determines your entry into the trade will often tell you when to get out, too. 
In the trading world people are fiercely loyal to their mindset about the markets. Many technicians believe fundamentals are worthless and a waste of time; everything you need is in a chart. If you're a fundamentalist, technical analysis is voodoo. We hold no such views.
We like and are successful with our methodology for all of the virtues we mentioned earlier – simplicity, it reflects reality, there are few moving parts, conciseness, it's intuitive and learnable with reasonable effort in a reasonable time. But it's not the only game in town. There are infinite ways to trade; to be successful just learn one of them very well.
Our belief, built on personal experience and with students, is that this effective method is the most intuitive and easily learned with the proper level of commitment. Furthermore, the knowledge is transferable via a variety of methods – web presentations, online-trade room, in-person group classes, and one-on-one coaching, and lends itself well to homework and practice.
Price Action Trading – Benefits
We trade with a clean and simple price chart, no indicators or oscillators. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but simple pragmatism: price action is the pure dynamic of the market. A legendary trader once said, "I trade price, so I look at price." All indicators and oscillators are lagging derivatives of price. We prefer to look at price, the direct mechanism that interacts with supply and demand, the core forces of any market.
Other benefits:
  • Our method of price action analysis identifies areas of price imbalance created by big players like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan. We trade with the 800-lb gorillas, not against them.
  • People think that more indicators/oscillators provide confirmation and greater reliability. In fact, they often lead to confusion, or even worse, conflicting trade signals.
  • Indicators are not static or foolproof. They often require interpretation in the context of specific market conditions. We avoid having to deal with subtleties of each one. Price action doesn't change?
  • Every concept related to price action is transferable across the three non-derivative asset classes -- equities, futures & forex, and can be used directly in constructing better options positions.
  • Price action is fractal, i.e., time-frame independent. It holds for a daily chart, a 60-minute, or a 2-minute chart. “A chart is a chart is a chart.”


This is how your trade will look like when you work with us. 

And not this.


David Alabi, New York

Before I started to work with Mitch and Ryan, I thought you had to sit behind a computer screen all day like a job and needed a huge account balance. After working with them, I learned you only need an hour or two per week and $1k or so in my account. I followed what they taught and tripled my account. Now I only work when I want and trade full time.

Amit Nar, PA

The Program Mitch and Ryan have created has been everything in my trading.  Everything was easy to understand and explained in a logical manner.  Ryan and Mitch showed me a practical strategy of when and where to enter and exit a trade and how to manage risk.  After seeing how knowledgeable and passionate these guys were about trading, I knew they were the right fit for me.  They are down to earth.  Even after I started, Mitch and Ryan answered my questions.  They didn't disappear! 

I recommend anyone that truly has an intense desire to take their trading to the next level to work with Mitch and Ryan.

Pablo, CT 

I worked with Mitch and Ryan for several months while trading real money. We focused on a simple, repeatable methodology I could use on a day-to-day basis. Key to this is the supply & demand core principle that’s the basis of the methodology. Tying all this together was connecting individual trades to a bigger plan to achieve financial objectives.

My sessions with Mitch and Ryan, both in-person and remote, were informative, well explained, and accompanied by extensive notes, screenshots and documentation. As coaches, they were patient and spent sufficient time to provide feedback with assignments and drills, responded to all my questions, assess setups and review prior trades. The time and money to work with Mitch and Ryan was a tremendous value and yielded a great return on investment.




John Sims, NY



I tried to learn how to trade by watching videos on the internet and reading a lot of boring books. I did this for about 7 months until I heard about Mitch and Ryan's Perfect Options Trading System.

I take the trades and attend all the coaching sessions, and traded with them live in the office. After 3 months I turned the valuable information that I have learned into winning trades. They care about how their students progress and not only are they helpful, But fun to work with also.




Mingus Murray, NY



I've told Mitch and Ryan my goals of making a certain amount of money a month and they've developed a game plan that I'm doing now.

They get back to all the questions through email or text. It's more of a brotherhood or trading family and everyone including the students are very helpful and encouraging. It's one of the best decisions I've made to learn from Mitch and Ryan. I've always desired independence when it came to work and making money. Mitch and Ryan have shown me how to do it.




Eric B, NJ



I never thought I was the type of trader to accept outside assistance. With years of trading under my belt, I felt confident in my skills. But I also value self-growth. After meeting Mitch Firestone, I knew he was the real deal. Mitch & his partner at Precision Trading Labs, Ryan Nocera, focus on a process with well explained steps with an emphasis on managing risk vs reward. They helped me build my confidence, taught me valuable skills, and are truly dedicated to your success. They and PTL get it right and work with you. The Perfect Options Trading Program helped me focus on areas where I needed help. I highly recommend Mitch & Ryan to anyone looking for a step up in their trading. I really loved the entire experience. PTL’s chat room and picks are great and Mitch & Ryan are great teachers!

A Message From Zack


A Welcome Session With Paul



Why  we coach/teach/share about the markets/trading:

  • I have a passion for trading & the markets. I enjoy (1) talking about them & (2) the process of teaching
  • I remember how I felt when I was trying to find my way. To help other people through this makes me feel good.
  • The act of teaching & lesson preparation forces me to constantly evaluate my process & being able to instantly analyze and explain it as a teaching tool. This keeps me sharp as well makes me more knowledgeable, which makes me a better trader
  • In the act of prep and teaching I am doing analysis of numerous symbols. I often come across actionable set-ups that I trade, which turn out to be profitable
  • In discussions with students they either present me with interesting things to consider, or I come up with ideas that eventually feed into improving my process, again making me a better trader
  • I love trading. Having said that, I've always run my own business and been an entrepreneur. Consequently, I enjoy having another business outlet for my trading, over & beyond the literal act of trading. In the process of various trading related endeavors, I have met numerous interesting, great people that have become friends. 


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