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How To Earn An Extra Six Figures A Year In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less.

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Hi, Ryan Nocera & Mitch Firestone Here

Founders Of Precision Trading Labs

At PTL we help both novice and experienced independent traders execute low risk, high return trades in less than 30 minutes a day.

How To Earn An Extra Six Figures A Year In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less Is Great.

It Has Helped Hundreds Of Novice And Experienced Independent Traders Execute Low Risk, High Return Trades In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day And You’ll Get Amazing Value From It.

An Exceptional Trading Blogs

Giving You The Strategy And Tactics You Need To Respond To Any Market Condition

How We Trade

PTL teaches a single, defined methodology laser-focused on a direct understanding of price-action. No complicated, inexplicable charts with numerous squiggly lines; no multiple charts within charts.

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Winning Strategies To Generate Income

Here is Everything you get once you join the 6-month Learn & Earn Program:

  • Access to our Trading Community for team advancement and Live Q/A (Value $997)
  • Twice monthly Group Coaching Calls with Q&A (Run 60 minutes) All Recorded(Value $997)
  • QuickStart: How To Trade Options (Everything you need to know to get Started and nothing you don’t need ) Value $497
  • Beginners VideoGuide to Price Charts: Training on our core principal (Value $997)
  • Quick Start Zoom Call so you are up to speed right away (Value $297)
  • Access to our tech person for one on one help for setting up trades for the ultimate set and forget (Value $997)
  • You will receive 2 trades a week minimum via our slack channel. (These are fully detailed for Equity/ Options with Buy price, Protective Stop,and Profit Target.) (Value $997)
  • Access our intraday trading channel for inexpensive stocks ($5 to $25) . These are low risk and reward is $1 per share on average. These are posted between 10am to 11am edt. You can set up the Entry,Stop and Target then go about your life. Expire at the end of the Trading day. (Value $997)

The Total Value of Everything in this Program is $6,776 but if you join before Jun 1, 2022
You will get everything for $500!

And there is a lot more you will get as we progres that will be included with this program..

Thank you for your business and let’s get STARTED !

My guarantee in writing: if at the end of six months our trades do not show a profit we will refund you your payment (s) plus a $100 inconvenience fee.

Meet The Team

Precision Trading Labs

Mitch Firestone

Full-time professional trader (equities, ETFs, futures and options) and educator

Ryan Nocera

Full-time professional trader (equities, ETFs, futures and options) and educator


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