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The recommended broker I mentioned is TD Ameritrade...Before you open an account the section of the info I can help you answer. Altogether its like five minutes. You can get started with as little as $50 but need $500 to $1k to see some returns from the program.

Below is the program we discussed when we met. You need about $1k in your account for the average trade we select. The range is really about $500 but occasionally the options will be a little more. The average risk is $50 and average profit is $150 to $200 per contract.

Below is a summary of everything you get in the program....

  • You will receive 2 trades a week minimum via our slack channel. (These are fully detailed as I showed you in the PDF for Equity/ Options.)
  • Access to our Trading Community for team advancement and Live Q/A
  • Twice monthly Group Coaching Calls with Q&A (Run 60 to 90 minutes) All Recorded
  • Intro to Options Video Training (Everything you need to know to get Started)
  • Beginners Guide to Price Action (Video Training)
  • Quick Start Zoom Call
  • access to our tech person for one on one help for setting up trades for the ultimate set and forget
  • our advanced options course that covers beginner calls/puts all the way to iron condors
  • Access our intraday trading channel for inexpensive stocks ($5 to $25) these are low risk and reward is $1 per share so even with a small account these pay off for you. No need to sit behind a computer all day:these are posted between 10am to 11am edt. You can set up the entry,stop and target then go about your life. Expire at the end of the day.

And there is a lot more you will get as we progres that will be included with this program.

Your investment is $500 paid upfront and no payment until 6 months after. It includes everything you see ! No Contracts, No Surprises !

Join Our Trading Program

I Guarantee Your Profit Within Six Months

My guarantee in writing:
if at the end of six months our trades do not show a profit we will refund you your payment (s) plus a $100 inconvenience fee.

If you want to move forward I will send you an invoice so you can pay with a card.

If you have a preferred way to pay like Zelle or venmo please just ask..

Any questions just let me know....

I look forward to working with you,